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FAQs- Page 3
  1. Single rooms available?
    1. New residents typically move into a double rooms and are allowed to move
      into singles based upon seniority within the house.
  2. How far from aftercare?
    1. Several houses are close to Hazelden's Fellowship Club and other places
      aftercare is held.
  3. How do I get a job?
    1. All houses close to common areas where residents can get jobs.
      (e.g. Downtown Saint Paul, Grand Ave. Midway, Mall of America).
      In Saint Paul it is relatively easy to find a job. House peers
      will help.
  4. How far is downtown St. Paul.
    1. 15-20 minutes by bus.
    2. 10 minutes by car.
Contact Information: Men contact Rett @ 612-219-4806
For women's housing, contact Tina @ 651-248-1729, E-mail